The All Star Cast


Miss Bridget Sullivan has performed lead roles in “Evita,”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and her picture has appeared on the front page of the Houston Chronicle for being eliminated in tryouts for “American Idol.”

She was also chosen to sing the National Anthem when Sarah Palin returned to Alaska to vote in the 2008 Presidential Election, but the Governor didn’t show up.


“Mudflats” Morgan Welch, Cameron Morrison, Bridget Sullivan, Justin “Beaver” Somaduroff, Joey H. D. Murphy,  Mr. Whitekeys

Cameron Morrison actually has a degree in theater which is completely wasted in “The Whale Fat Follies.”  He has appeared and directed gazillions of theatrical productions in Anchorage, but nothing can compare to his yearly production of the Washington State Convention of the Future Farmers of America! 

Joining Mr. Whitekeys in the 2014 Semi-Professional Orchestra will be Justin “Beaver” Somaduroff on bass, “Mudflats” Morgan Welch on drums, and the Multi-Media Wizard, Joey H. D. Murphy.