After 26 years and 41 days of “Spam, Booze, Rhythm, & Blues” Mr. Whitekeys’ Fly By Night Club closed its doors on Saturday, September 9, 2006.

  The Official Website of Alaska’s most famous Sleazy Bar has been preserved as a historical document at

  Please bear in mind that nothing on that website remains current or true today, but then again, it never was.

  Since the club closed, Mr. Whitekeys has once again become a full-time writer and performer. 

    Why did the Fly By Night Club close?  Keys sez:  “Life is totally cool!  I get to go on stage and act stupid.  And when I’m done, I don’t have to mop the kitchen floor or clean the bathrooms.”

    On the final night of The Fly By Night Club, at the end of the final performance of The Whale Fat Follies, Anchorage Mayor (now Alaska Senator) Mark Begich and former Alaska Governor Tony Knowles walked unannounced onto the stage.

    Mayor Begich presented Mr. Whitekeys with an official proclamation which declared September 9th to be “Mr. Whitekeys Day” in Anchorage.

    Whitekeys said, “I was totally honored until I realized that it was 10:30 at night.  I didn’t get a day--I only got an hour and a half.  If I’d known I was getting my own day, I wouldn’t have eaten dinner over the kitchen sink!”

    But that was only the beginning.  Mayor Begich then went on to present Mr. Whitekeys with the key to the city. 

    Once again Keys was honored beyond belief:  “I was completely grateful until the Mayor explained that Anchorage didn’t really have keys to the city.  There was never enough money in the budget to make them--so what he was giving me was a key to the city of Duluth that somebody had once given to Him!”

    Keys went on:  “Even then, I still thought it was Okay until he explained that it wasn’t even the key to the city of Duluth, Minnesota--it was the key to the city of Duluth, GEORGIA!”  

    “We need guys like Mark Begich in the U.S. Senate.  That’s the kind of thinkin’ we need to get ourselves out of the financial crisis we’re in today!”