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   Award Winning Filmmaker/Director Todd Hardesty and Mr. Whitekeys (who has never won an award in his life)  have teamed up to combine archival photographs and historic film footage with the type of musical comedy production numbers that Alaskan audiences came to expect at The Fly By Night Club’s Whale Fat Follies.  According to Mr. Whitekeys,  “When Ken Burns documentaries meet MTV Music Videos, there’s bound to be trouble.”

    Historic photographs came from museums in Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, Eagle, Hope, Girdwood, Seward, and Whitehorse.  Archival film footage was provided by AMIPA (The Alaska Moving Picture Image Preservation Assn.)  And the story of Alaska’s History is straight from Spenard!  

    Alaska—The First 10,000 Years is the most hilarious history of Alaska ever produced, and it’s bound to be shown on a Cable TV network that is desperate for programming at 3:00 o’clock in the morning.

     How can you miss with a movie where Senator Ted Stevens, Ted Sadtler, Jackie Purcell, former Governor Walter Hickel, Senator Lisa Murkowski, former Senator Mark Begich, former Governor Tony Knowles, and former Governor Bill Sheffield are all making snotty comments right along with us!

$15.00 plus S & H

Our Alaska History  DVD

   Just in time for Anchorage's Centennial Celebration, Mr. Whitekeys presents The Alaskan DVD the Department of History does NOT want you to see!

    This is the most extravagant historical video ever produced in Alaska with a cast of over 125 people who had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

    This is the story of the crusty old Sourdoughs who somehow managed to build the state of Alaska without having any idea of what they were doing.  It’s a historical epic that completely explains why our state still doesn’t make any sense today!  From the first cavemen crossing the “Bering Sea Land Bridge to Nowhere”,  to Governor Sarah Palin—this is the Real history of the Last Frontier.

“Alaska—The First 10,000 Years” was filmed in 18 cities across the state, and features:

35 New Pieces of Music

49 Actors

14 Famous Alaskan Personalities

16 Musicians

44 Dancers

37 Researchers

45 Coordinators of Props, Costumes, and Locations

3 Alaskan Governors

2 Senators

7 TV Personalities

4 Mayors

17 Hawaiian Shirts

12 Clashing Ties

and One Snotty Attitude about the State of Alaska.

"Girls Just Wanna Have Guns"